What a tremendous difference

I have been GF for about 3 months now. The first month was by far the hardest but then it really did get easier. The grocery bill fluctuated back and forth from a little to way to much but by now I believe we have a pretty good system down. I thought at first with all of the dietary restrictions I have I was going to have to go to a special grocery store like Trader Joe's but as the time went on my wife and I began to go to Jewel again because we never imagined that there GF section was so big. We started to go to Jewel and I only frequent TJs on a bimonthly basis. Some may think that that is a lot but in actuality that is 1/2 as much as a normal month. When I first started the diet I thought I was going to go to TJs and Sarah would go to Jewel, but now it is mostly jewel.

With the changing of the diet I have felt 100 times better then I did before the diet. There are still flare ups in the back from time to time and most of those are my own doing. But overall the pain is subsided quite a bit. I feel no pain when I sleep on my back at night, no discomfort when I get out of bed, and especially no pain when I am working out; for the most part. I did want to thank everyone out there that helped me in any way possible. Whether it be food suggestions, pointing me in the right direction, making things for me, giving me certain ingredients, or just understanding what I am going through.

Thanks to everyone I feel like a new man. Please feel free to comment, email, call or just FB me anytime with questions or concerns about going gluten free and/or training questions.