So far a pretty good start

Well for all of you out there that thinks you do not have time to workout I beg to differ. I know that you think you are so busy and that you are booked at work and home. Well I have a workout that you can do at home without any equipment what so ever. If all of you do not all ready know I am a In-Home Trainer in the city of Chicago and most times I work with the clients at their house or condo where they do not have any equipment except a mat, often a yoga mat. And I tell you what they are all very pleased with the workout that I am able to give them. Now lets get started on your workout.

If you are doing this in the morning as opposed to the mid-day or afternoon then you should be stretching for at least 5-10 minutes. What stretching does for you is warm the muscles up so you do not have a muscle strain or pull. This stretches and lengthens the muscles so that it gives the muscle elasticity. After the stretching then now it is time to warm those muscles up with a quick 5 minute warm-up. This is much like a writer will do right before he sits down to start a new story or chapter, the writer will often just right what it on his mind to really loosen up the mind and how it is working. They will write what ever is fresh in the mind as to eventually get deeper and deeper in the mind to access where he left of or where they truly wants to begin their writing.

This warm-up should be hard enough to get that heart rate up so you can feel it in your chest. For all of you out there you are probably not getting that heart rate up enough for the warm-up. The purpose of the warm-up is to make the blood in your body warmer then it was sitting stagnant. This warmer blood will flow to the heart faster and therefor speed up that heart rate as to increase the breathing rate which will increase the amount of contractions in each of your muscles. More oxygen = Better work, to an extent.

The warm-up good be as simple as jump roping for 5 minutes, jogging a a good pace for 5 minutes, Burpees, 3 sets of pull-ups or push-ups.

A simple but effective workout for all you cramped for time. I know what you are thinking now that you have read this you do not have any more time for a workout, well keep in mind you only have to read this once. Copy and paste this workout and print it out and you will be looking good in now time.

3 sets 25 air squats
3 sets 20 jump lunges
3 sets 25 calf raises
3 sets 20 dips
3 sets 15 push-ups
3 sets 20 tricep raises (lying on your side)
3 sets 15 sit-ups
3 sets 20 leg raises
3 sets 15 oblique twists

Legs can be done with weights
Arms are all done with body weight
Abs can be done with weights

If you any questions don't hesitate to ask. Just click on the comment link right below and comment away. I will answer any questions as soon as I can.

Enjoy Independence Weekend and get some good workouts in!!