Who Moved the Cheese? Great Book.

Who Moved the Cheese Book

So today I got to thinking after reading the book Who Moved the Cheese by Spenser Johnson.  I was skeptical about reading this after I read the inside flap but let me tell you the lessons I have learned have been worth the 60 minutes it took me to read the entire book.
Let me start out by saying I heard about the book from a Podcast called Entreleadership that I listen to in the car on the way to my training clients.   Dave Ramsey has made quite a name for himself and I trust and admire what he does for people moreover his people the work for him, right on par with Dani Johnson.    WOW two great minds talk very similar one is a little more attractive then the other.

Anyway, when I heard about this book on the podcast I was skeptical again just because of the title alone.  I was like who names a book that and things that it is going to me good?  Seriously.   Well, you know the saying you can never judge a book by it’s cover well same is true by it’s title.   I am so happy that I pick this book up and I highly recommend you pick it up your self.

So I just read the book yesterday and I was so excited every page I turned I wondered what “Haw” one of the 4 characters in the book was going to say.   I mean I was like on the edge of my seat.   I was thinking to myself is he ever going to go get this damn cheese or just sit on his butt and hope and pray that is magically comes back.   Now I am not one to drift off and think about he topic I am reading while reading, but let me tell you I surely did this time.   I was in a land of curiosity and wonder and then thoughts of disbelief and awe set in for me.  I me it was like my life flashing before my own eyes on all the mistakes I made and all the answers and paths I have chosen to get to this point!   WOW.   I know that may not make much sense to some of you, but let me tell you I was in a land that I loved.
I was also thinking about specific friends that need to read this book and family members that would benefit from this book!  I honestly think that everyone who reads this will come away with some type of take away.
My take away was very simple:
#1 - Never get complacent about what you have, it was not given to you but earned.
#2 - Always inspect the cheese (Situation)?
#3 - Remember that cheese moves, move with it.

These seem like very simple things when you read them, but you do you know when the last time you took something or someone for granted?   I know I can list off 4 people and 5 things right off the tip of my tongue and that was just today.   We need to pay attention in life, lift up our heads and get after it.   Are you happy with your spouse if not find out why?  Are you happy with your job?  Do you love going to it every day?   If not find a new one?   I am serious.   Don’t just think that you have to slave away to pay the bills because ultimately that slaving could be killing you inside, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   So don’t get so complacent that you believe that you will rule that spot forever.  Instead wonder to yourself are you paying back the company enough?  Are you making your family members happy?  Are you giving it your all no matter what it is your doing?

The second ah ha moment was about understanding the situation you are in, is it good or bad?  Is your company doing well on the outside but not so well on the inside?  Do you feel your marriage slipping away but you tell yourself everything will be okay?  What about your health, will one cookie do terrible things, or this a constant every night situation?  Pay attention to what you are doing and what is more important what it is doing to those around you?

The third final point I wanted to make was move with the change?  Change is good.  Change is great.  You may not agree with it, and if you don’t then do something about it?  If your not willing to do that “something” then move with it anyway?  I can see this fitting into the puzzle anywhere in peoples lives.  I see it in a handful of friends lives, I for sure see it in my life, I know that family and even clients can do this.

Now about the book!   I am not going to tell you about the book, I would hope that what you read alone will persuade you to go buy, rent, or borrow it from someone you know.

Link to buy: http://amzn.to/1BWTIqz

Thanks for reading and sharing, have a phenomenal day!