Motivation...have you struggled with it

If you are like any warm blooded person you have had your setbacks with motivation.  I am the first one to admit that I am not all go go go all the time.  Even though I try and portray like I am it is not that easy to be motivated all the time.  Well I want to let you know that we all have had this problem at some point.  Maybe for some it recently happened, you told yourself that you were going to get this one thing done and before you knew it you were not motivated to do it.  Or you had something so mundane as sending off an email or taking out the trash and you were just not motivated enough to open your laptop, push power, setup internet, and prepare the email to send.  You may have had a hard time working out in the past not feeling motivated to do so, but I am here to help with that.  If there is one thing that I want you to take away from this, it is this if you feel like not doing that one thing, well just do it anyways and tell yourself out loud after you are done with it  "I am glad I did that."  Positive willpower will help fuel you the next time you do it.

People think all too often that they have to change right away and stay for the better.  But I have learned that this type of thinking will only keep you afloat and not sailing, like you could be.  I want to tell you that it is alright to start with little steps because before you know it you will be running.   And not just running physically but literally taking off in the direction that will drive you forward.  You wake up in the morning and tell yourself I should really get up and workout, but you convince yourself, while in bed mind you, that you will do it after work tonight or better yet get up early the next day.  Well none of these things work unless you have a reason to be motivated.  Now I am not talking about health reasons I am talking about legitimate written done physical reasons why you should workout.  To get these reasons you have to dig deep inside and pull them out.  You have to tell yourself that you are not going to sit around like everyone else and watch yourself loose motivation day in and day out.  You are going to get up and tell the world and most importantly yourself that you will workout today.  And you will workout the next day not because you have to but because you want to.

You want to wake up and feel those beads of sweat running down your spine.  Feel and taste the sweat dripping down the eyebrows.  I need you to tell yourself that even though you do not feel like working out, that you are motivated and dedicated to do so.  Working out is one of the few things in life you will never regret doing.  Take my word for it and get one in today.

Let me know how you felt and what you did.